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JANUARY 1 2019

Happy New Year everyone!!!! My New Years Resolution this year is to write a weekly blog post.  So here we go!!!! I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about what these blog posts would be about and finally decided that it will be a little about everything – the goings on of the Canadian Ginger Co. and Fisherville’s Finest, what we are planting, harvesting and our CSA. Also as the time gets closer we will let you know when you can buy our Ontario grown ginger in Longo’s stores in the GTA (we are still pinching ourselves about that development).  I think this blog will also include health updates and info.  For those of you that don’t know I have struggled with my health for the past while and after a few rogue diagnoses I finally was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called Dematomyositis.  I am currently doing well with no medication and keep myself on track with a clean whole food diet.  I do and always will view this illness as a blessing as it has set me on a path of healing and knowledge acquiring that would otherwise not have happened.  I am currently enrolled in and loving a Registered Holistic Nutrition program and am set to graduate summer of 2020.  Having said that, though I read and learn daily I am not a doctor so any info I give in this blog is either something I have read or learned from the school of hard knocks through the journey of this disease. It is not my intent for this blog to start a battlefield of beliefs, therefore I want to add this disclaimer: any health info/insight is only my opinion.   Chat next week